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Kartik Purnima 2017 - Poornima Dates | Purnima Date 2017

Kartik Poornima - Story of Kartik Purnima

'Kartika' month is thought to be the most hallowed one, among all the a year of the year. During this month all the devout Hindus cease from eating non veggie lover food.The devotees scrub down and perform poojas at home or in the temples. Kartik Pournima, is a heavenly day celebrated on the full moon day or the fifteenth lunar day of Kartik(November-December).
Many fairs which start on Prabhodini Ekadashi end on Kartik purnima. Kartik purnima is the latest day to play out the Tulsi Vivah. Among the all celebrations committed to Ruler Shiva, Kartik purnima is the main one,which is beside Maha Shivaratri. It is otherwise called Tripuri poornima or Tripurari Poornima. It is likewise reffered to as, Dev-Diwali, Dev-Deppawali, the celebration of lights of the divine beings.

Kartik poornima is likewise the birthday of Matsya, Lord Vishnu's fish-avatar (incarnation). It is additionally the birthday of Vrinda, the representation of the Tulsi plant and of Kartikeya, the divine force of war and child of Shiva-Parvati. It is likewise trusted that Krishna and Radha moved 'Rasa' and Shri Krishna, the incarnation of Ruler Vishnu, revered Radha on this day.This day is additionally committed to the dead predecessors.

The most recent five days of Kartok month are thought to be more consecrated and consistently the sustenance is taken just once toward the evening which is known as 'Habisha'. These five days, together are called 'Panchak' and the most recent day is the "Kartika Purnima". As per the legends, the Ruler Shiva killed the evil spirit 'Tripurasura' on this day.

Kartik Purnima and Jainism 

Kartik Poornima is extremely promising and religious day for the Jains. This is the day of 'Nirvana' of Master Mahavira, the twenty-fourth Tirthankara. To them it is the Dev Diwali when Ruler Mahavira is worshiped, Agams (Jain sacred books) are perused and homes and sanctuaries are lit up. Lights are lit under the moonlight sky and a family devour commends this day. Jains praise it by going to 'Palitana' a standout amongst the most well known Jain journey places.

A major horde of Jain explorers assemble at the foothills of Shatrunjay slopes of Palitana taluka upon the arrival of Kartik Poornima,to start the propitious yatra (journey). This walk is otherwise called 'Shri Shantrunjay Teerth Yatra', an critical religious occasion in the life of a Jain devotee. A separation of just about 220 kms in harsh hilly territory is secured by walking to adore the Ruler Adinath, on the highest point of the slope.

The hills, which are shut for open amid the four months of monsoon,are made open for the lovers on Kartik Poornima. The jain aficionados are kept away from revering the God for four months of rainstorm and Kartik Poornima is the main day after monsoon, when they start their love.

Along these lines, the primary day draws in the greatest number of lovers and has an exceptional importance.According to Jainism , Adinath, the principal tirthankara, blessed the slopes by going by it to convey his first sermon.According to Jain texts, millions of sadhus have achieved salvation on these slopes.

Festivity Individuals scrub down at a young hour in the morning and draw wonderful blossom designs, rangolis before the primary doors and around the tulsi vrindavan. The Shiva sanctuaries are swarmed with fans singing the supplications and bhajans. Gathering singing of 'kirtans' and noisy beating of rhythms,especially, 'Mrudanga' and cymbals are heard the entire day.

Boita Handkerchief An Old Celebration. A fascinating celebration happens in the morning is critical to the antiquated history of Orissa,which helps the sea brilliance to remember the State.During the old times, for the business reason, the 'Sadhabas' (Ocean dealers) used to cruise off to long separation islands like Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Ceylon and so on by tremendous water crafts (Boita).

Their ladies used to give them a warm send off on this day. Despite the fact that it has progressed toward becoming absolete,the recollections are as yet alive. Now days, individuals make small vessels made out of stopper and shaded paper or bark of the banyan tree and buoy them in the water,which is called Boita Bandana. In the following fortnight of the month,the dead predecessors are satisfied.

A secured, punctured earthen pot with an earthen light inside is held tight a shaft to guide the hereditary spirits to drop on their particular homes. The individuals from the families light a cluster of jute-stalks with the summon "Goodness! The progenitors come in the obscurity and go in the light." This is called 'Badabadua Paka'.

Kartik Purnima - Bali Yatra

In the city of Cuttack and some different spots tremendous pictures of "Kartikeswar" are constructed and venerated. During the evening they are taken out in parade and are submerged in the waterway Mahanadi, close to a Shiva sanctuary. Precisely at this place a major reasonable known as Bali Yatra is held for around three-four days.The name of the celebration has two significance. Some are of sentiment that on this day the Sadhabas were cruising off to Bali and therefore, the name.

A few people additionally trust that the colossal Vaishnavite holy person of Bengal 'Shri Chaitanya', on his approach to Puri, arrived at Cuttack, on this day, in the wake of intersection the sand-bed (Bali) of the waterway Mahanadi. Large number of individuals assemble here, where incalculable assortments of merchandise are purchased and sold.People likewise appreciate vessel riding with loved ones in the moonlight.

Customs Kartik Poornima is a peacefulness day (ahimsa). On Kartik Poornima day, a custom shower at a tirtha (a hallowed water body like a lake or stream) at a journey put is advised,which is known as "Kartik Snan". A blessed shower at Pushkar or in the waterway, particularly at Varanasi is considered as most auspicious. Kartik Poornima is the most favorable day for a consecrated shower, in the river, Ganges at Varanasi.

Annakuta, an offering of nourishment to the divinities, is held in temples. God Vishnu is additionally adored on this day. Individuals who have taken pledges on Ashwin full moon day on Kartik Poornima. This incorporates shaving, hair cutting, trimming of trees, culling of leafy foods, trimming of crops. Charity, for example, - gift of bovines, nourishing of Brahmans, fasting are religious exercises endorsed for Kartik Poornima.

Pictures of Master Shiva are conveyed in the procession. All the sanctuary premises in southern India are brimming with splendid and vivid lights all through the night. Deepmalas or towers of lights are lit up in temples. People put 360 or 720 wicks (threads of lights) in sanctuaries, to achieve 'Moksha'. The 720 wicks means the 360 days and evenings of the Hindu calendar.

In Varanasi, the ghats turn out to be splendid with a huge number of 'diyas' (lit earthern lamps).People blessing lights to priests.The lights are kept for the duration of the night in houses and Shiva temples.Lights are likewise coasted in smaller than normal vessels in waterways. Lights are set under Tulsi, Sacred fig and Amla tress. The lights in the water and under trees are accepted to offer salvation to fishes, creepy crawlies and birds. Hence, this day is otherwise called 'Kartik Diparatna' - the gem of lights in Kartik.

Kartik Poornima - Tripurasur Story

The Legend Shiva in his frame as Tripurantaka (the Enemy of Tripurasura) killed the evil spirit on this day. The devil Tripurasura adored Master Brahma and got enormous forces from him. Soon, Tripurasura was extremely haughty about his definitive and phenomenal quality and began harrasing the general population of three worlds.He turned out to be absolutely wild.

The demi Divine beings instantly began imploring the Ruler Shiva. God Shiva approached them the inclination for the supplications and hard worship, the demi Divine beings disclosed to him the nuisance of the evil spirit Tripurasura. Tripurasura had vanquished the entire world and crushed the gods. He likewise created three urban areas in the space,which were as one called,'Tripura'.

Master Shiva, promised the divine beings that he would give them alleviation from the demon.Lord Shiva with his celestial forces battled with the devil for a few years,destroyed every one of his urban areas with a solitary bolt lastly vanquished Tripurasura. The favorable day was Kartik poornima. All the Divine beings were thrilled by this and they commended the day as a celebration of illuminations. This day is thus called 'Dev-Diwali' - the Diwali of the gods. Diwali is the well known Hindu celebration of lights.

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