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Ekadashi 2017 Dates | The importance of Ekadashi Vrat

2017 Ekadashi Fasting Dates  - Ekadashi Vrat

As indicated by Vishnu purana, harivasara or ekadashi is dedicated to ruler Vishnu. Ekadashi vrat has its own particular significance and it gives the genuine gifts from ruler Vishnu. Ekadashi vrat is basically identified with hindu ceremonies. Ekdashi implies the eleventh day of month. Ekadashi vrat is basically committed to ruler Vishnu. 
Ekadashi 2017 Dates

Ekadashi is known as the day of ruler Vishnu. Ekadashi Vrat has such a significant number of sorts like Devshayani Ekadashi, Kamika Ekadashi, Putrada Ekadashi, Nirjala Ekadashi, Prabodhini Ekadashi and Apra Ekadashi. One Ekadashi held in Krishna paksha and one in shukla paksha. So fundamentally, these all Ekadashi Vrat give a unique advantage to fasters. 

On the off chance that you need the subtle elements of all Ekadashi Vrat and their dates, you should see the Hindu panchang or this site. Ekadashi vrat will destroy all battles and obstacles from your life. Master Vishnu is incomparable in all lovers promotion he is the leader of grihast life. So any individual who needs change in his materialistic life, he needs to please ruler Vishnu by doing this Ekadashi Vrat. 

Ekadashi fasting is seen on each eleventh Tithi in Hindu schedule. There are two Ekadashi fasting in a month, one amid Shukla Paksha and another amid Krishna Paksha. Enthusiasts of Lord Vishnu watch Ekadashi fasting to look for His favors. 

Ekadashi fasting ranges for three days. Fans take single feast toward the evening a day prior to fasting day to ensure there is no remaining nourishment in the stomach on following day. Fans keep strict quick on Ekadashi day and break the quick on following day simply after dawn. Eating of all kind of grains and oats is disallowed amid Ekadashi fasting. 

Lovers can watch fasting without water, with just water, with just organic products, with one time latex sustenance as per their will and body control. In any case it ought to be chosen before beginning the quick. 

Legend of Ekadashi Fasting

Long years prior, when ruler Vishnu was in yoga nidra. A danav came to challenge ruler Vishnu for war, his name was Mudradanav. Because of yoga nidra, vishnu's eleventh sense changed into Damsel. She went and called Mudradanav to battle with her in a condition that in the event that she vanquished, Mudradanav needed to wed her. 

Mudradanav turned out to be so satisfied and he imagined that he could undoubtedly win the battle. Be that as it may, maid battled boldly and she murdered him. By this demonstration, ruler Vishnu got content with maid and give her a help that everone knows her by the name of Ekadashi. Advance that he proclaimed that every one of the fans of ruler Vishnu must do quick on the day to recognition of this occasion. After this ekdashi vrat is coming being. 

MIn Hindu religion, there is such a great amount of significance of all fasts and there are some specific tenets for the quicker. So you should keep the guidelines in your psyche genuinely, so you will get the advantages of the vrat soon. There are some after guidelines for Ekadashi Vrat. 

  1. You should begin your Ekadashi 2017 Vrat from the evening of dashami. You should not eat non veg, garlic or onion around evening time of dashami. 
  2. You ought not do any sexual contact with your accomplice around evening time of dashami and ekadashi. 
  3. In morning of Ekadashi, above all else clean your body well and after that go to sanctuary to listen the Gita way.
  4. You should keep a guarantee to god that you won't meet or talk anyone who enjoy any kind of sins.
  5. After that read the mantra 12 times-"Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaye Namah". Read likewise the sahastranam of Lord Vishnu, Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. 
  6. Remembrance the name of Lord Vishnu in the entire day and go to Lord Vishnu that he may give you the ability to keep up this quick effortlessly and simply. 
  7. Do not clear your home on this day and don't talk excessively.
  8. Donate a large portion of the things on this day as you can. 
  9. On Dwadashi, you ought to give desserts to Brahmins.
  10. Do not get furious on Ekadashi and attempt to state delicate words. 
  11. Put 'tulsi dal' on everything what you will eat.
  12. You can eat banana, pistachio, grapes and almonds. You should avoid cauliflower, carrot and spinach and so forth. 

Story of Ekadahi Fasting (Ekadahi Vrat Katha)

There are numerous kathas behind this vrat, so in this post I am will share the vrat katha of Aja Ekadashi. Kuntiputra Yudishthira said gracious Lord! What is the name of Bhadrapad Ekadahsi? It would be ideal if you disclose to me the tenets and advantages of this quick. 

Madhusudan stated, "The name of this Ekadashi is Aja. This quick will destroy your everything sins. On this Ekadashi, there is a custom to applaud master Vishnu. The individual, who acclaims master Rishikesh on this day, might get the Vaikunth. Presently listen the story precisely. 

Ekadashi VritThere was a chakravarti ruler Harishchandra who administered over his kingdom. Due to a few guarantees, he quit his kingdom, cash and all extravagances. He additionally sold his better half, child and himself as well. He turned into a hireling of chandal and acknowledges the garments of dead. However, he never diverted from the way of truth. He generally attempted to thoroughly consider his deeds. By doing this, numerous years had passed. One day, he was stressing over his circumstance, and after that Gautam Rishi came to there. He disclosed to him that following 7 days you should quick Bhadrapad Ekadashi. By this quick your everything sins would devastate and you could overcome from the circumstance. Subsequent to telling about Bhadrapada Ekadashi, Gautam Rrishi was vanished. 

With the goal that ruler did this quick by following all guidelines and direction. After his quick, he got his child alive and his significant other who wore excellent garments and adornments. He likewise got back his kingdom and extravagances. By the impacts of this quick, his everything sins annihilated and he turned out to be free from his awful karmas. Finally he got the paradise and peace for eternity. 

O lord! Thusly, these all things happened in view of Aja Ekadashi Vrat. The individual who really does this quick with unadulterated considerations, he turns out to be free from the majority of his awful karmas. 

Advantages of Ekadashi Vrat 

It influences you to free from the cycle of birth and passing. 

It gives you the favors of master Vishnu. 

It makes your body and soul unadulterated. 

It pulverizes every one of your transgressions which you have done in past. 

It brings satisfaction, peace and riches into your home. 

It makes the adjust of musings into your psyche. 

It makes your body solid to confront any circumstance. It quiets your spirit and psyche. 

So now I think you got such a great amount of learning about this Vrat. I trust master Vishnu's endowments dependably remain on you. Fasts dependably offer advantages to its fasters. When you are doing Ekadashi vrat, you should keep your heart unadulterated with musings. Consider ruler Vishnu all in all day and you will understand the impact in your life after this Vrat. Continue fasting and continue accepting


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