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Diwali 2017 - Story Of 14 Years Vanvas Of Ram

Story - Ram Vanvas Ki

Ram is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and the focal figure of the Ramayana (Ramayan) epic. The Ramayan is the very soul of India. It is an entire manual for God-acknowledgment, the way to which lies in exemplary nature. The beliefs of man are perfectly depicted in it. Everybody ought to copy those standards and develop into perfect people and perfect residents. 

Ram took birth to free the earth from the mercilessness and sins of the evil spirit King Ravana (Ravan). Ravana had honed starknesses with a specific end goal to appease Shiva and Brahma, who had allowed him insusceptibility from being murdered by divine beings, Gandharvas or devils. One of the divine beings needed to go up against a human frame keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to overcome Ravana. 

Ram's Family (Ramji Ka Pariwar)

Ram was conceived as the principal child of Dasharatha, lord of Ayodhya. Ram's mom was Kausilya. Ram had three siblings: Bharata (Bharat) conceived from the second spouse Kaikeyi, and Lakshmana (Lakshman) and Shatrughna conceived from the third wife Sumitra

One day Saint Vishwamitra went to Ayodhya and requested that Dashratha send Ram and Lakshmana with him in light of the fact that the Yakshini (evil spirit) Tarka - with her two children Mareech and Subahu - were frightening him and alternate holy people at his ashram. They were not giving them a chance to revere and think. Ram ran with Lakshmana and Vishwamitra to slaughter Tarka. While in transit to Saint Vishwamitra's ashram there were a thick woods. When they entered the woodland Tarka came to murder them however Ram slaughtered her and her child Subahu with a weapon given to him by Vishwamitra. Ram likewise shot a bolt at Mareech and discarded him 100 yojans far. 

Ram's Marriage ( Ramji Ka Vivah)

Later Ram ran with Saint Vishwamitr to Mithila where the savvy King Janak ruled. Ruler Janak had sorted out a svayamvaraa (an ancient custom wherein the lady of the hour picked her better half voluntarily from among various suitors). It was reported that whosoever will twist the bow of Lord Shiva will wed King Janak's little girl Sita. Sita was an incarnation of Lakshmi, the partner of Lord Vishnu. Be that as it may, none of the suitors could lift Lord Shiva's bow, with the exception of Ram. He lifted the bow with his one hand and twisted it so hard that it even broke. 

So Ram got hitched to Sita, and his siblings got cheerfully wedded to Sita's sisters. Subsequent to returning and living joyfully in Ayodhya the old King Dashrath concluded that the time had come to give his kingdom to his darling child Ram. 

Ram's Vanvas (Ramji Ka Vanvas)

Vanvas hetu Prasthan kewat ke sath.
There Kaikeyi, the third and most youthful spouse of the King, asserted the honored position for her child Bharat. Quite a while before the youthful Queen had spared the King's life and he had guaranteed to satisfy her two wishes. Manthara, the abnormal and malevolence disapproved of cleaning specialist worker of Kaikeyi impacted the ruler to assert her desires now for her child and to ask for Dashrath to oust Ram from the kingdom for a long time, and to introduce Bharat on the position of royalty. The King was stunned, his heart was broken, yet he realized that fact is the most noteworthy Dharm and that he needed to satisfy his guarantee to his significant other. So Ram went to oust joyfully, realizing that to obey and serve his dad was the most elevated obligation of a child.

After Ram left to the backwoods, Dashrath kicked the bucket from the strings of partition from his adored child Ram. Bharat went to the timberland to meet his sibling Ram and to ask for him to return to Ayodhya. At the point when Ram declined to return, out of appreciation for the guarantee to his dad, Bharat took Ram's (wooden shoes) and set them emblematically on Ayodhya's honored position. Until the point when his sibling came back from the outcast Bharat served the kingdom as a genuine and legit guardian of Ram. 

The story of Surpanakha (Surpanakha Ki Katha)

When Surpnakha, the sister of Ravana, go by where Ram was living. She saw Ram and ended up noticeably awed by his magnificence. She changed herself into an excellent woman and went to Ram and requesting that he wed her. At the point when Ram denied and revealed to her he is as of now wedded to Sita, she wound up plainly irate. Returning to her unique shape she kept running towards Sita to slaughter her. At the point when Lakshman saw that he cut her nose and one ear. Surpnakha at that point send her sibling Khardushan with fourteen thousand Rakshasas to vindicate her. However, all were murdered by Ram. 

Story Of Kidnapping Of Sita By Rawan (Story of Rawan War)

Surpnakha now looked for retaliation through her more seasoned sibling Ravana, however just got his enthusiasm by pointing out that the delightful Sita would be a fitting spouse for him. Ravana attracted Ram and Lakshman far from Sita by sending a charmed deer of outrageous excellence and after that took Sita to his kingdom of Lanka. 

In transit, Jatayu, a vulture flying creature and old companion of Ram's dad Dashrath, battled Ravan, however, was lethally injured. He lived just sufficiently long to reveal to Ram what had stumbled upon his arrival. 

In Lanka, Ravana attempted to threaten Sita into wedding him, however, was dismissed over and over. In the meantime, Ram made an organization together with the monkey King Sugreeva, who had been ousted from his kingdom by his sibling Bali. Ram helped Sugreeva to recapture his kingdom and consequently, Sugreeva raised a multitude of monkeys and bears, drove by Hanuman. When they achieved the ocean, Hanuman flew over. 

In Lanka, Hanuman guaranteed Sita that assistance would come soon. When he was then caught by the Rakshasas, Ravana requested them to set fire to Hanuman's tail, wrapping it with sleek clothes. Yet, Hanuman expanded the length of his tail such a great amount of that there appeared to be no conclusion to it. He got away and utilized his consuming tail to set fire to all of Lanka. 

In the interim, Ram's armed force had manufactured an immense scaffold amongst Lanka and the territory. They crossed the sea and assaulted Ravana's armed force. 

Amid the fight, Lakshmana was vigorously injured, however, he was cured by an enchantment herb which Hanuman flew the distance to the Himalayas to get. Not finding the herb at to start with, Hanuman brought the whole mountain just no doubt. 

At last, all Rakshasa commanders were murdered and the fight turns into a solitary battle amongst Ravana and Ram. At long last, Ram executed Ravana with an uncommon weapon given to him by holy person Agastya. 

This was a snapshot of extraordinary cheering. Ram and Sita were at last delegated King and Queen of Ayodhya, however, individuals were questioning that Sita had saved her excellence while being Ravana's hostage, which is another story in itself.

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