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Chhath Puja in 2017 Dates- Significance of Chhat Parv

Chhath Puja 2017 dates information are available here. Chhat Puja is devoted to Lord Surya, who is thought to be the prime wellspring of vitality. Will the Chhath have the capacity to please Surya, and spread inspiration around the earth? We should investigate the four-day celebration of Chhath. 

Chhath Puja: What Is Chhath Parv? 

Chhath Puja is a standout amongst the eldest Hindu celebrations regularly getting by on earth. Chhath Puja is alluded to as the main Vedic celebration celebrated in India. 

Chhath Puja is watched for a time of four days amid the period of Kartika. Chhath Puja custom incorporates sacred showering, Vrat (fasts) and other heavenly severities. Chhath Puja is devoted to Sun God, Surya. Lovers pay love to Lord Surya amid Chhath Puja by bowing before the Sun. This is done to conjure the endowments of the capable god. It is trusted that Surya manages life on earth. On Chhath Puja, Surya is offered thanks and he is worshiped for the satisfaction of specific wants. Chhath Puja is otherwise called Chhath Sashthi, Surya Shashti, Chhathi Maiya, and Chhath Parv

According to the Hindu messages, Surya's vitality is unselfish. Subsequently, Surya is accepted to cure lethal infections like sickness and builds a man's lifespan. 

At the point, when Is Chhat Puja In The Year of 2017 

Presently, how about we know when Chhath Puja will be seen in 2017. How about we investigate the dates of Chhat Puja in 2017, as indicated by Hindu timetable.

Chhath Puja 2017 Dates

Chhath Puja 2017         Date                 Day              Event                   Tithi 
Dala Chhath 2017       October 24      Tuesday         Nahai Khai             Chaturthi 
Dala Puja  2017           October 25      Wednesday    Kharna                   Panchami 
Surya Shashthi 2017   October 26      Thursday       Sandhya Argh        Shashthi 
Chhath Puja 2017       October 27       Friday           Suryodaya Argh      Saptami 

Ideally, the Chhath Puja 2017 dates will help you in considering the customs of this celebrations all the more carefully. Yet, why is Chhath Puja celebrated? Presently, we will investigate the explanations behind observing Chhath Puja. 

For what reason To Celebrate Chhath Puja? 

The legends related with Chhath Puja are as per the following: 

Legend Of Draupadi 

It is trusted that Draupadi was an impassioned aficionado of Lord Surya (the Sun god). Because of her commitment toward Surya, she was skilled with the one of a kind energy to cure even the deadliest ailments. Draupadi had the vitality that encouraged the Pandavas to recover the kingdom. 

Like some other Hindu celebration, the celebration of Chhath has more than one legend connected with it. How about we investigate some of its other known legends.

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Legend Of Karna 

As per the legends, Karna, child of Surya watched Chhath Puja or Surya Shashti with sheer dedication. It is said that Karna had increased preeminent powers by performing Chhath ceremonies. This had influenced Karna to develop into a capable and valiant warrior. 

These are accepted to be a standout amongst the most surely understood legends behind Chhath Puja. 

Chhath Puja: How To Celebrate Chhath Puja? 

Chhath Puja is a celebration that is commended over a time of four days. We should read about all nowadays, one by one. 

In the first place Day 1st - Chhath Puja: Nahai Khai 

Nahai intends to bathe, and Khai intends to eat. On the primary day of Nahai Khai, fans wash up in a blessed lake or stream, to filter their transgressions. At that point, they venerate Lord Surya. Water from the sacred stream is conveyed to homes, which is later utilized as a part of cooking sustenance offerings for Surya. 

Day 2nd - Chhath Puja: Kharna 

On Kharna, aficionados watch Vrat for an era of just about 8 to 12 hours. This quick incorporates refraining from drinking water. In this way, the day of Kharna includes an anhydrous quick. Individuals end the quick amid night in the wake of performing Surya Puja

With the finish of Surya Puja, Prasadam (sacrosanct sustenance offering) is appropriated among everybody.

Day 3rd - Chhath Puja: Sandhya Argha 

Sandhya Arghya implies evening offerings. On the third day of Chhath Puja, fans get ready nourishment offerings. 

The readied nourishment is offered to the setting Sun. The setting Sun is worshiped on evening-fall (Sandhya) Argha. It is viewed as promising to conjure the endowments of Surya in nightfall. 

Day 4th - Chhath Puja: Suryodaya Argha 

This is the latest day of Chhath Puja. Upon the arrival of Suryodaya Argh, lovers reach to the banks of the waterways to offer to the rising Sun. 

Once the morning offering is finished, individuals end their quick by tasting ginger with sugar. The celebration of Chhath Puja closes with the Suryodaya Argh, on the fourth day. The four days performed in serious starknesses are accepted to please Lord Surya. 

This was about how Chhath Puja is praised for the time of four days. Presently, we should investigate the sustenance things that can be taken amid Chhath Puja. 

Chhath Puja: Food Delicacies Of Chhath Puja 

Following are the sustenance things that are set up amid the celebration of Chhath Puja: 

Thekua (the sweet treat made of entire white flour) 

Malpua (Indian hotcake) 

Balushahi (a customary sweet like the donut) 

Rice Kheer (rice pudding) 

Puri (southern style Indian bread) 

Khajur (date organic product) 

Sooji Halwa (thick, sweet sugary treat) 

Chhath tunes are exceptionally well known in parts of Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and so on. Individuals fill more eagerness to the celebration of Chhat by singing Chhath tunes. These conventional tunes include a kind of happiness into the celebration. 

Chhath Puja is praised crosswise over areas like Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and parts of Bengal too. The festivals of Chhat Puja are not constrained to our nation, as it is likewise celebrated in nations like Mauritius, Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago and so on. 

Observe Chhath Puja with eagerness and energy. This is the ideal time to revere Lord Surya and pick up the positive vitality with a specific end goal to wipe out every one of your negativities. Master Surya will without a doubt concede your desires.

Real Bahubali Blog wishes all of you a Happy Chhath Puja

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